Supporting Indie Comics

So, “Comics Gate” is a thing. I won’t go into great details about it, but I have been swept up in the ongoing struggles that have been going on between mainstream and independent publishers and how it’s affected comic retailers. Forced political agendas in comics and harassment toward industry professionals has forced a small group of talented artists and writers to launch their own IPs via Indigogo campaigns, and to great success. I’ve recently pledged to Mitch Breitweiser’s Red Rooster, which you can check out HERE.

Here’s my small tribute:



Beach Wars Concept

Although Go-min’s strips are to be a mixture of social observations and quirky encounters, this wasn’t set in stone until some time later. For his first episode I simply wanted to find a charming way of introducing him, based on the fact that he’s not much taller than a pint glass:


Original concept sketch

It seemed funny to me, then, to play a joke on the audience by creating a false sense of scale. Based on my love for kaiju movies, this was a perfect jumping-off point, which I think works well.

Below is the original pencil art. The most important thing was making sure the horizon line was correct, while maintaining scale. I’m not sure I nailed it but I see it as a learning experience which overall I’m happy with.